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Safe Delivery

Smt. Maintai, was the daughter of Nanasaheb Chandorkar, an ardent devotee od Baba. He was the Mamlatdar at jamner, in Khandesh district. Jamner was over 100 miles away from Shirdi. Maintai was in an... 0

The Saint – The Clairvoyant

Sri Nanasaheb Chandorkar, a Mamlatdar of Nandurbar, in Khandesh, was suddenly transferred to Pandharpur, a holy temple town of lord Vithoba. He was an ardent devotee of Baba. As he had to take immediate... 0

Mirkar and The Snake

Babasaheb Mirikar, the Mamlatdar of Kopergaon, on his tour to Chitali, came to Shirdi for darshan of Baba, and prostrated himself at His feet.Baba, while enquiring about his health and welfare, said “Do you... 0

Children to the Childless

Ruttonji Shapurji Wadia, a Parsi mill contractor, lived in Nanded, in the erstwhile Nizam’s state. He was a rice and prosperous man, possessing enormous wealth and property.Although he appeared to be happy, he was... 0

Mangoes and Motherhood

Businessman Damu Anna had two wives, but he did not have any children. As per the astrologer’s predictions, there was no prospect of his having any children at all in his life, since there... 0

Spotting the lost horse

Chand Patil a Mohammadan gentlemen from the village Dhoop of Aurangabad district in the Nizam’s state, lost his pet hours of whom he was very fond, while making a trip to Aurangabad.After a diligent... 0

A favour – against astrological prediction

One day at Shirdi, Nanasaheb Dengale, a great astrologer , told Bapusaheb Booty, “Today is an inauspicious day for you. There is a danger to your life”. Hearing this bapusaheb Booty was greatly disturbed... 0

Protecting the blacksmith’s child

Once, in the year 1910, on the day before diwali, Baba was sitting by the Holy fireplace (dhuni) and thrusting the firewood into it, and the dhuni was burning bright, with rising flames. Suddenly,... 0

Forewarning about impending accidents

One Tatya Kote Patil, while going to Kopergaon Bazar in his tanga (horce carriage), came in haste, stopped at the Masjid, paid obeisance to Baba and hold Him that he was in hurry to... 0

Lamps lit with water

Sai Baba was very fond of oil lamps and illumination. He used to keep the Majid lit up with oil lamps, collecting oil from the shops in the village, and he kept them burning...