Tuberculosis and dream treatment

Once Bhimaji Patil of Narayangaon (Village) in pune district suffered from a severe and chronic chest disease which resulted in tuberculosis. He lost all hope when he did not get any relief, even after he tried all kind of treatment.

On the advice of Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Patil came to Baba and put all his faith at His holy feet and prayed to Him to cure him.

Baba’s heart melted and he spoke to him firmly, saying, “Stay and cast off your anxiety. Your suffering has come to an end. However oppressed and troubled one might be, as soon as he steps in to the Masjid, he is on the pathway to happiness. The Saint (Fakir) here is very kind and he will cure the disease and protect all with love and kindness.” The instant Baba uttered these words of hope and mercy, Bhimaji Patil’s health took a favourable turn for the better.

Unexpectedly, he had two dreams. In the first dreams, patil as a young boy, suffered a severe flogging for reciting “sawai poetry” lessons before his class master. In the second dream, he suffered intense pain through torture inflicted on his by rolling a stone on his chest.

Through the pain and suffering he had to undergo in his dreams, Bhimaji Patil was cured completely, and he went home happily. From then on he was a greatful and regular visitor to Shirdi.

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