Eleven blessings that you will receive in Shirdi

Happy Life
If you are feeling distressed in life and seek happiness and mental peace, try visiting the temple on Thursday and Friday. You can also lit up a 'diya' and place some incense sticks for a peaceful atmosphere.

Monetary blessing
If you are suffering from financial crisis and are seeking a respite from it, then you can visit Nandadeep. Near Nandadeep, you can lit a ghee or oil 'diya' at Ladybaag, and get the blessing from the lord.

Promotion in job
If you are awaiting your promotion from a long time, then after you visit baba ki samadhi, distribute some food to the needy and beggar—this will help you fetch a promotion in job.

Health Boon
If you are keeping unwell for sometime and are seeking a perfect healthy life, then while taking food at Baba's Prasadalya, pray for your good health and it shall be granted.

Enemy at bay
Want to keep your enemies at bay? Then you don't have to ask for it but try and take a pledge at Sai Baba's samadhi that you shall never ill-talk about any of your enemies—automatically, you will be enemy-free in life.

Do you experience unknown fear? If yes, then in order to get rid of it try and see the Baba's 'Palki' procession every Thursday night between 9.15 After that you can distribute biscuits and toffees to the devotees.

Wish fulfillment
You can recite the Sai Baba granth and Sai Sahitya at Dwarka Mai during the night, and after that you can distribute the Baba Aarti books among the devotees. This deed will result in all the wish fulfillment of yours.

Job seekers
If you are a job seeker, you can recite the Vishnu Sehastranaam inside the Sai temple and prospects of your getting a job will increase. It will help in business as well.

Court Case Trouble
If any court case is troubling you, then you can visit the Khandoba temple in Shirdi to seek the blessings of lord. The idol of Khandoba will make you immerse in complete 'bhakti' for sure.

Trouble free
You can seek respite from all your troubles. All you need to do is write down your problem in a piece of paper and read it in front of the Guru Sthan in Shirdi. Promise to return, if your wish comes true and see the magic unfold in no time.

Remember it is always important to have the right amount of emotion while praying. You trust him, and he shall guide you. Don't forget after all, faith moves the mountain!