Forewarning about impending accidents

Forewarning about impending accidents

One Tatya Kote Patil, while going to Kopergaon Bazar in his tanga (horce carriage), came in haste, stopped at the Masjid, paid obeisance to Baba and hold Him that he was in hurry to go toKopergaon Bazar.Baba told him to forget about going to Bazar in a hurry, and asked him to stop for a while and not go out of the village. Seeing Tatya Kote’s anxiousness to go, Baba advised him to take Shama (Madhavarao Deshpande) along with him.
Ignoring Baba’s directions, Tatya immediately drove away in the tanga. After travelling some distance beyond the village, one of the horses become restless, ran rashly, sprained its leg and fell down. Tatya escaped miraculously and was saved by baba. He was reminded about Mother Sai’s direction. On another occasion, while going to Kolhar village, he disregarded Baba,s directions and drove in a tanga, which met with a similar accident.

In the same way, an European gentleman who left Shirdi without heeding the advice of Baba, that he should go to next day, met with an accident and had to be taken to Kopergaon hospital for treatmentfor his injuries. Such incidents become legends and people learned the lesson that those who disobeyed Baba’s instructions met with accidents in one way or the other , and those who obeyed were safe happy.
– Our Shirdi Sai Baba –
Why fear , when i am here ?
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