Goan Gentlemen and their Vows

Goan Gentlemen and their Vows

Once two gentlemen from Goa came to Shirdi for a darsan of Baba, and prostrated themselves before Him.Baba asked for Rs. 15/- as dakshina from one of them,
but to the astonishment of all, refused from accept Rs.35/- which was voluntarily offered by the other. When Shama, who was present there, asked Baba about this discrimination, He replied, “Shama, you know nothing. I do not take anything from anyone. The Masjid Mayi (the mother of the mosque) calls for the redemption of debt, and the debtor pays it and he is freed.”

One of them said that he had taken a vow that if he got a job he would give his first salary to God, and in course of time, he got a job with a salary of Rs. 15/- per month. Later, he got several promotion and prospered. He, however, forget completely about his vow.
In the second story, a cook working in the other gentleman’s house, robbed him of his entire savings of Rs.30,000. When he was depressed and dejected, and was crying, a Fakir advised him to take a vow that until he got back his money he would give up eating one of his favourite food items, and he would visit Shirdi. He vowed only about giving up eating rice, but did not offer any money. Within fifteen days of this, the cook who had stolen the money returned it and tendered an apology to him. The second gentlemen also forget completely about the vow. But Baba appeared in his dream and reminded him about fulfilling his vow of visiting Shirdi. Therefore, Baba did not accept dakshina from him.

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