Why should you read Saibaba’s life?

 Sairam friends,

I have been trying to make a small recording for Mother’s who are worried about their Son and Daughter’s life. I have been getting few mails from Mother’s about their grown up kids getting into bad habits. I am not sure how to console them or make them feel confident that Sai will certainly show them a way.

I get too tired these days at night that i sleep early by 12 o clock. I have not made a Sai video for more than 5 month and feel bad for my negligence.

I have come across Sai children who worship Sai for several months or years but suddenly when Sai is not responding to their prayers, they stop bothering him. Remember. Sai is not looking for your devotion for his own welfare. Saibaba needs no respect. He needs nothing. You are benefitted when you show devotion on Sai. Your karmic bond is being removed when you show devotion on this Guru of all Gurus.

There are some devotees who don’t stop worshipping Baba but they will have this story to tell everyone. ”

How much I believed in Sai and he never bothers me at all irrespective of all my devotion”

This isn’t a complaint but you can’t ignore Sai’s care on you easily. Sai is watching you every moment. Just that your time is yet to come to gift you with what makes your life better.

When ever you read Sai Satcharita, you will be blessed with several different meaning if you read it imagining the incidents happening in front of your eyes. We don’t have many stories of Baba from his life time. So we must try to understand meaning from few stories that we read. Why should you read Sai’s life?

Because when you read Sai stories, your sins will vanish and you will be blessed with a beautiful life.

Keep chanting SAI SAI SAI in mind

Your life will be good