Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings for Healthy Living

Aum Ganeshaya Namaha

Shirdi Sai Baba blessings for Good health and peaceful life. When ever you have health issues please share it with your parents or relatives, good frineds you can trust. Please visit a Doctor and while you are getting treated believe that Saints like Saibaba of Shirdi is so powerful that you will be fine. Believe that you are getting well every day.

I know it really pains when you feel God is not answering your prayers but belief has its own greatness. You can read the article I wrote in in below link

Sai’s way of Curing the sick

Always Think, Speak and Do good – Sai Baba lives in every life on Earth:

I realized that people can get rid of health problems by doing good deeds. Do any thing you feel is good like Anna dhan, give sweets to children, give saree to women doing any seva in temple, any poor women on your pilgrimage etc.

If you are not living in India, there are other ways to involve in Good deed.If you cannot or afford it or doesn’t find a place where your money will be used properly , its ok,

Simply think and speak good. Never think any harm to any life. Try to control your anger and speak only good of others. Do not speak bad of people even if you don’t like them.

Even if you say good words to people around you and think positive, it helps Saibaba to wash away your previous births karma and bless you or your dear ones with good health. I am writing this as my Mother has health issues for years and she has always been a good person. May be she is supposed to do more good, give food to more people who ever comes to home and gain more blessings.

May Shirdi Saibaba bless you to realize the greatness of Naam Smaran – Chanting of Saints or Gods name in Mind

The infinite power of healing is in your own mind :

The feeling of pain is an expression of your mind.When a person is suffering in severe health problems his enemie is “fear” of not being able to get cured, worries about his family and career being effected and financial problems. Once they over come fear and worries , their faith becomes pure love that they show on God and shirdi saibaba. This invisible thing called love deviates mind from pain and takes them to a better state of living….

Living in confidence that they will be healthy in the days to come

Living with Trust that their Guru shirdi sai will surely heal their pains

Living with a support. Support of Guru .Trusting sai from the bottom of heart that he will surely protect them forever.

Living with whole hearted belief that sai has powers to cure their disease and make them healthy someday.

Leave all your worries, family , career problems in the feets of sai. Don’t mind what your friends and relatives are speaking about your faith on sai. You just learn to love sai whole heartedly. Fill your mind with sai sai sai , remember sai every minute , read and assimilate his stories. This way when you fill your mind with shirdi sais thoughts , sai will reside in your own mind .What more you need when a saint who has all siddis with his lives in your own mind. Sais presence in your mind is the infinte power of healing. sai will bless you with good health.

Please try to do the following when someone you know is in pain :

When you are in pain , your mind will be weak too. Your faith on shirdi saibaba or any true Guru will certainly give boost to your mind.When your dear ones are suffering with health problems , please don’t feel shy to do the following….

1.Udi mixed with water :
Apply udi in forhead and areas paining in the body.Give them Udi ( sacred ash ) mixed with water .Udi is the most powerful medicine.Baba has cured hundreds of devotees during his life time by giving udi and now millions of devotees who trusted udi are being benefitted. You can get Udi from shirdi or any shirdi sai temple near by.Baba has done miracles to many devotees who consumes this sacred water

2. Pray sai to charge water with his rays of blessings :
If you live abroad where its hard to get Udi , alternative way is to ask someone who is near them to hold a can of water praying sai to bless the water with his powers to heal the pain and make them drink it. I usually have the habit of keeping a glass of water in front of sai photo and drinking. Even if i buy medicines for my parents, i keep it under shirdi sais feet and give them.

3.Visit temple, Light lamps – Do prayer at your house :
Please try to visit near by temple, Light lamps, do annadhan or any kind of good activities as per your ability and give the prasad to the person who is suffering. If theres no temples near by, Light candles or lamps in a tray under babas feet, do any offerings of fruits etc to sai and give those as prasad.

4. Keep sai satcharita near the person being treated :
Where ever you live, Please atleast take a print out of online version of sai satcharita and give it to the person who is suffering. Its ok if they can’t read it. The presence of sai satcharita is enough. Baba knows whom to pull to that room and make them read or sai can even make the sick person read.

5.Speak about shirdi sai leelas, stories and incidents :
Always speak positively about the powers of shirdi saibaba .If possible tell them stories of your friends, relatives or those you find in sai satcharita or the miracles of devotees experiences you find in this site.Tell these stories of how baba helped and cured diseases . Tell them baba does no magic.All powers of healing is in their mind because baba is “Antar Vaasini – The one who lives from inside” . If their mind is filled with sais thoughts, if they always utter sais name and if they call sai sai sai for help, Surely sai will heal them .In addition to this ask them to be calm and be have patience .Sai will help them someday.

6. Chanting “sairam” – Any mantra :
Many sai devotees have experienced the presence of sai and his miracles when they remember sai by uttering his name regularly. It will be nice if you say sairam for hours togather or atleast try to chant when ever your mind remembers that you are supposed to do chanting. You can chant in following ways – “sairam” , “Aum sri sai ram” , “shirdi sai dwarakamai” “Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai”

When baba lived he encouraged Naam saptah for 7 days without break.We must atleast do it once in a while everyday.When person getting treated remembers sai sai sai, evil forces wont attack them .If they are in worst situation , You can do it on their behalf.You can also chant any mantra of your favourite God .I suggest Hanuman mantra as Lord Hanumanjis blessings can give them will power and strength. Try to visit temple of Lord Danvantri whos blessings brings good health & Lord Vaitheeswaran who cures diseases .Mantra of these God can also be read regularly.

7.Play shirdi saibaba song or arathi :
If the person suffering is at home, please let them hear or see arathi of shirdi saibaba if you have cds.This will create positive vibration at home.This could be a silly point but my intention is to remind you that its really powerful.

8.Try to involve in any good humanitarian work :
If possible, try to do Annadhan , clothes or blankets to poor orphanage etc. Make sure the organisation you choose to give is using your things and money truthfully. I prefer avoiding big charity organisations because many are there to fund them.Find the deserving really needy people and say “sairam” when you give. This is what sai wants from us.Giving in the name of sai is powerful. It will was away sins of your past birth. Dont spend lavishly all of a sudden. Even when you give as dharma give as much as you can afford.

9. Baba likes when you pray whole heartedly :
Some people think about other problems and other people watching them in temple etc while praying.When you pray there must be no “Wall” between you and sai. Express yourself to sai with your hands, with your legs and body.Trust me baba likes it. Dont cry purposely but if you feel like crying dont feel shy. sometimes sai uses our tears to wash away past karma. Many many days i had hugged baba photo and crying like child.I was in such unbearable pain in few issues and i know sai made me do it. When you pray looking at photo or statue of shirdi saibaba, just remember sai .When you close eyes imagine baba sitting in dwarakamai near dhuni and blessing you.If you love baba so much , i assure you can see him talking to you.

The below article is wrote for devotees facing worst health problems and based on my understanding of sais ways.Forgive me if there are any mistakes .

Perceive pain , disease and suffering with health problems in positive ways :

When body is not functiontion properly, it sends singal to the brain so that you will treat it and this signal is what we call as “Pain “. As we all know there’s some good even in a bad thing, many disease will never be treated if you dont get pain or any other symptoms which hurts you. Apart from the benefit of helping you to get treated and bring your body back to good condition every time you get sick or your loved ones are diseases please do not feel let down as there’s another positive aspect when they are suffering.

“Their past bad karma is being washed away “

What is karma :

What made me launch this site.Its my karma.You are reading. Thats your karma. If you find what ever i wrote is wrong and write me negatively , then i must bear that mail calmly as a gift of sai. Thats my karma. While we are standing in rocky sea shore, we can hear sounds of big waves splashing but the big waves are formed out of various small waves which we dont hear. Similarly every small act we do is karma and these karma collectively get either to be a big bad karma or a good karma. Who knows what sins we have done in our present or previous births. sometimes we might have done sins unknowingly but the Law of nature ticks perfectly like a clock without missing a second.No excuse for any one for any reason.

As you sow, so you reap :

Loss of life is for body .Our soul is always living untill takes several births , involve in good karma and finally merges with God.Thats why soul is called “Amar Atman”. Its ever living. Though you or your relatives, friends would have not commited any sins in this birth, their soul would have commited a sin in previous birth. The collective bad activies of previous birth will be waiting for the right bad time based on the planetery situations to attack you. Its like a “pay back”..You did an action in some birth and now you get the reaction. The reason i write this para is first to help you understand do not blame God and our shirdi saibaba just because someone you love met with an accident or suffering from disease. What ever our soul did is recorded in air. Its every where. My guru used to say that highly evolved spiritual people can see their own karma infront of their eyes and act accordindly. Thats why they dont mind suffering.

Every bad word we utter, every insult we do to others , every curse we get and every single harmful acts of ours is recorded both in air and our own soul.

so when we suffer , we must realize ,we had planted a sinful seed which is reaping a painful fruit today.

Frustrated and worried since shirdi saibaba din’t helped you yet ?
My objective has always been to help devotees who are facing in worst possible situation in life. A husband suffering from cancer, a wife suffering from uncurable disease, a small baby facing worst medical situation, a son or daughter who has gone through an accident, a father or mother struggling for their life. I am addressing these children of shirdi saibaba whom sai considers as his affectionate kids.

I can feel the pain residing in your heart when you or your loved ones are suffering at home or in hospital. When something wrong happens suddenly, we dont know how to react. The most common feeling that arises in us is “why did not sai help us even after all this ? “. If he is a saint who has astama siddhi why cant he come down to your call and heal the pains of your friends and relatives immediately. The reason is ….

Karma is not trasferable :

I must explain you something very beautiful about how sai works to save his children . Baba always says he is humble servant of God.Even God of Gods love him because our shirdi sai is not like mordern Gurus whom you see on tv promising instant benefits.

Our shirdi sai follows the Laws laid by Gods and Nature. Though sai himself is God incarnate, when we worship him as sai , he is a saint .Even Lord Rama had to suffer pains when he took that avatar and was controlled by laws of nature. Shirdi sai’s situation is same. One of babas assurance is “Keep all your burdens on me and i am ready to bear it ” .

Baba only says keep your “Burdens”. Baba never said “Keep your karma on my shoulder and i shall bear it” . Baba dint said it because the Laws laid by Gods and Nature doesn’t allow sai to do it and he can’t. Neither sai or any saint or holy Gurus can do it. Our karma must be beared by us, payed back by us for which we must go through sufferings and when we suffer the karma gets washed away. Please don’t get frustrated or worried that sai is not caring for you. Sai does. He is trying his best. Its your time to face pains and soon sai will bless you with good days. No matter how much you try , you cant escape the effects of karma.

Shirdi sai can reduce the intensity of karma :

For what dam reason, a saint so polite with not a trace of ego asks you to always say ” sai sai sai sai ” .Does that mean he is proud of his name or he thinks you have no other work to do. When you remember “sai sai sai “, the evil spirits which uses your bad time to attack you will stay away.Though even this cant help you completely escape karma, Instead of a worst head injury which could damage brain, you could escape with very small scratches on the body.

The natural feeling of dejection when you are suffering :

Sai is a saint.He cares for us . He knows what ever is going on in your family. He knows the one suffering in pain crying to him. Do what ever you can to please sai but never ever say “baba whats the use in worshiping you , i never get results ” . This feeling is natural for anyone.My only request is don’t let this feeling of dejection grow in you. Infact, by saying this you are embarrassing your own sweet Guru shirdi sai. Surely you will get results as per your devotion and the little dharma you do like giving food to hunger, clothes to poor or any good activity can please sai and help you wash your karma someway resulting in better health. Always remember

Baba do you really care for me ?

I know you pray this way. Only devotees who depend on sai and love him to core will ask him “Baba, do you atleast care for me one minute ? ” Are you worried thinking why sai has not healed the pains yet ? If thats making you doubt if sai atleast cares for you , heres the proof …..

Shirdi sai loves you irrespective of what he does for you. The results you see infront of your eyes are just momentary.Again you might get into another problem and come to sai for help .The pleasures and pains is like a pendulam taking us on ride every other day but is “results” given by sai the only way you judge his love on you.

The very fact that you came to this site in your painful state of mind and read about what this little sai’s servant like me wrote is a proof for sai’s unmeasurable love on you and your dear ones. In this fast world no one accept my close sai friends will read this article .You are reading because already sai has blessed you and wants to show that he cares

Dependancy on shirdi saibaba cannot become affection :

You can always complain that he is not helping you but dont make your complaints survive more than 5 minutes. The next moment start to realize how much sai cares for you, if he has pulled you to him. Baba always says “Its not people who comes to see me and follow me by being an devotee, Its me who choose good souls and pull them to me like a sparrow tied to thread. “

To a saint who pulled you to him with affection , is it good if you expect blessings like business. Sai is not selling blessings.His caculator doen’t have numbers.It has the nine forms of Bakthi and beyond all this sai only expects your affection on him. Dependancy cannot become affection. when you depend on sai for a materialistic benefits, you only see him as a “Giver” of things and not a loving sai ma. Do we love our mother only for what she is doing for us. Its the affection that our mom has on us which had registered in our heart.

similarly lets togather perceive sai as a loving and caring mother who is trying his level best to bless us with healthy living.

Practically speaking sai devotees don’t have time to understand sai :

I have seen people coming to few Saibaba mandhir with a deal. “Baba i will come to temple 7 thurdays , i will light candle, pay 100rs for Annadhan and sit for arathi and go , please help me get this and that ” …..Deal is a deal. Baba has to do it. Because these devotees consider baba as saint sitting there with powers and all he wants to do is switch on a button and every thing will happen. he he ….Please try to understand from sai’s point of view. Sai looks at your atman which carries all your past bad karma .How can sai heal your pains with in a purticular time frame when you would have done sins which wants you to suffer longer duration.

Mukthi and Eternal happiness for Mahalsapathi :

The priest who first invited sai as “Aao sai ” ( come sai ) was poor all his life. Mahalsapathi who was always with baba as a priest of Kandoba temple was given only food , clothes and very little money by sai to survive with his family. Even once when a rich devotee offered to give Mahalsapthi lots of money, baba asked him not to accept it. Is it baba’s wish that Mahalsapathi who loves baba so much must suffer like that being poor. The reason is , Mahalsapathis ancestors or himself would have done so much of sins in past births that baba wants him to wash away the karma in that birth itself. What baba assured him is Mukthi and eternal happiness. Rest assured when Mahalsapathi lost his life , he would have reached the holy feets of our shirdi saibaba. Is it not worth suffering. To be forever in company of saint rather than having lots of money, good health and taking another birth and suffering in this earthly life. Similarly sai has his own way to treat and give to devotees what they deserve.

Shirdi sai will bless you and your dear ones with good healthy Life :

In some devotees cases , baba would have let them suffer because their karma must be washed away and only then can sai give them that eternal happiness. In your cases , baba might take time but surely if you totally surrender to him and involve in good acts of dharma from today, sai heal your diseases, sickness and bring back you or your loves ones to good health.If you read lives of very good souls they all would have suffered to core during their last few days. Especially because their remaining percentage of karma is being washed away .

So when you or your friend or your relatives are suffering from severe health problems and if you are wondering wondering why baba dint helped them , understand the fact. shirdi sai is also like our real mother who can give us medicines in the form of his blessings but each one is blessed in a different way.

Sai knows your present problem must be solved. I promise on my holy shirdi sais powerful words and give you his assurance “Do not worry, Baba will heal all your pains.Just stay near him calmly. ” .Having complete faith from today on above words, please humbly pray baba, speak to him and plead him to help you. He will surely bless you.

Your relationship with sai din’t start from the first time you learnt about sai in this birth :

I really feel odd when someone says “I have been coming to baba temple since 15 years, am praying singing arathi for past 12 years.” They wont stop there. If i say , i learnt about baba first time when i entered saibaba temple in my place when i was 13 years old in 1993 , they will look up and down and say , “hmm…i am coming since 1970 for past 40 years “.I was not even born in that year. What can i do…he he .Never judge anyones devotion and attachment with sai based on how long they pray sai or how many generations they pray. What matters is pure love even if you started to pray sai this very moment because your relationship with sai would have started several births before this and he has pulled to you in this birth a bit late.

A sparrow pulled by shirdi sai when he was over 60 years old :

Its my habit to give baba photos to anyone anywhere sometimes even in bus or roadsides if i find that person is good.I never feel shy to give baba photos in odd places. sometimes when people say NO also i will take it as sais gift though its a bit hurting…Once i gave baba photo to 60 year old man while sitting in bus who asked me “who’s this “. I was surprised as that old grandpa even was wearing rudraksh and seemed to be leading a spiritual life wearing a saffron dress. I wondered how he dint know about our shirdi saibaba all these years. I felt gifted. Atleast after 60 years baba has pulled a new sparrow to him through me. Am just an instrument but the happiness i got matters.

Baba alone knows why you and your friends or relatives are going through such sickness and disease. Baba has been following you for 63 generations as he mentions in sai satcharita. Even in our previous birth we would have worshipped the same sai when he was living in form of some other Guru. I cant reveal the age of shirdi sai and i wont but sais life is beyond one lakh of years. If someone calls me fool for writing this, i apologize for mistakes and humbly keep their comments under sais feet. Sai has followed the one suffering in health problems in all his births . Sai knows the mistakes and sins we did in past births .so sai is tied by truth of karma but his heart melts when we totally surrender to him and when our devotion and faith increases , sai will do any thing to save us.

Shirdi sai has been showing you motherly love for several births you took :

If our mother in this birth loves us so much , imagine how much should sai ma care for you , the one who has always kept his eyes on you and cared for you birth after birth. He would have followed you when you were an insect, ant or goat and again several births as human beings. So sai has also silently watched the sins you have done.How can he immediately act for what ever “prayers” you do . Can you guess what sins you have done in past. You cant but sai looks at your atman which stores all your sai has to obey the laws of karma .

Even then because of his love on you , sai will surely heal your pains . who ever reads this article , will be blessed by my sweet Guru Shirdi saibaba. Please be confident and dont feel let down.

My Guru sai is so kind, so affectionate and so beautiful at heart. He is your mother for several births . Sai ma will surely bless you and your dear ones with healthy long life.

Is there a way to help shirdi sai cure our diseases :

Instead of complaing on our shirdi saibaba, lets help him and ourselves. Lets make ourself deserving devotees to get his blessings. How to do it ? I will give you an example.

A rich couples only son was gradually loosing his eye sight.They had tried all kinds of treatments and consulted doctors all resulting in no improvements. Finally, they had met a Guru who asked them to make use of their money. “He has said , your son is suffering from past karma which is why he is loosing eye sight. Do one thing…Go to all the eye hospitals in the state and donate one days expenses for all the patients who come there to get treated. This will be a good dharma which could wash away your sons past karma.”

The parents being rich had no problem in involving themselves in this very good act of dharma by accepted expenses of poor patients in all eye hospitals for one day. Believe it or not its a real life incident and their son did got back his eye sight. Doctors will do their part in treating you and your dear ones but make sure you also involve in little good acts of humanity as per your ability. I know sometimes your finance will be so less you can’t even afford for medical bills .Thats why i launched in 2004 because i want people to make charity as their day to day habit. Why should you go in search of doing good acts only at the time of pain. It will be much better if you start from today to involve in good acts of humanity. If thats not possible, atleast make your thoughts pure. Keeping your mind pure with good taughts itself will be a blessing for you.

When we help others in pain and help the needy, baba will add it to our account in his “Bank of blessings” .There are crores of Angles up there whom we call as “Devargal” .They will bless us everytime we speak and act for a good cause. If we add our good karma this way, we are actually helping sai to use it and at the time of need. Baba will immediately come to rescue us from the jaws of death as he has assured in sai satcharita.

Many ask baba why he can’t do miracle in their life.Lets remember sai wants us to involve in good activities of dharma to do miracles.

Our sadguru shirdi saibaba acts according to our past births karma and present good acts of humanity irrespective of what sins you had done in previous birth and blesses your whole heartedly for a healthy long life.

Your good karma in this birth will surely help sai to cure your diseases. This doesn’t mean you donate money to charity organisation

for annadhan or what ever. Try to take personal care in where you donate .Even if your money is going to change a single persons life its worth it.

My prayers to Sai Danvantri to bless you with good health :

One of my friend suggested the name “sai danvantri” while discussing about this site. Danvantri is the 11 avathar of Lord Vishnu and is considered as ‘God of Medicine’.

Please try to read this sloka as many times as you can. You can get a chanting box of this mantra and make the person suffering to listen to it.

Om Namo bagavathe vasudevaya
Danvantraye amrithakalasa hasthaya
Sarva maya vinashanaya
Trilokya nathaya
Sri maha vishnave namaha

My mother used to say do the following.

Theres a grass called “dharpa”…..she keeps a glass of water , dips the dharpa grass inside the water each time and recite this mantra for 108 times, Then she does pooja and drinks that holy water as prasad. She says it reduces her pain.

If you can’t get dharpa grass, just keep a glass of water, recite this mantra as many times as you can and give it as prasad to the person to improve their health. Sai will surely cure your pains by blessings of Lord Danvantri.

Please share your experiences :

I am a ordinary person just a humble servant of sai.If you have any problems you can write to me.If i have time , i shall reply you as a friend.Mostly i ask all who write to me to Light lamps or candles regularly and read sai satcharita. I also wish to know how shirdi saibaba helped you to get a solve your health problems and blessed you with healthy life.

Shirdi saibaba and Lord Murugan bless you and your family with with a peaceful , healthy life :

I shall add more to this article when my friends help me with more sai experiences. Forgive me if this article has any mistakes.As i always say am a sai devotee filled with mistakes.I don’t know what made sai pull me to him.It could be the good heart of my parents that lead me to serve sai.I havn’t done anything worthy in life than my bond and love with sai. Only sai knows why i love him so much.I pray my Lord Palani Murugan and shirdi saibaba to bless you and your family with a healthly , peaceful long life

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