Women’s day message from Shirdi Sai Baba For You

Sairam friends,

A spiritual website for Shirdi Sai baba can have greetings and articles for auspicious days like Guru Purnima, Ram Navami, Sai Maha Samadhi day and other religious festivals. What makes me write a article for Women’s day? Its because i have to associate Sai with the worldly happenings. Women’s day is just a excuse for me to write few words.

Once when Sai baba had fever, a devotee was really worried to see Sai in such a condition. He cried looking at Sai.

Baba told him ” Why do you cry? This fever will get cured in four days time. Some days are good and some days are bad. We have to bear the pains during our bad time. Soon i will be alright”

So sai devotees must face everyday boldly with faith and confidence irrespective of ups and downs of day to day life. It’s easy for me to write this but even i shed tears when am in pain. Every time i cry, my father shout’s at me and ask

” Why do you cry? Are you a girl? Be like a Man.”
Honestly, what my father said in anger comes out of his worries. He really worries how i am going to lead a life in this world if am not bold enough to face difficulties. Last week, when i was really in pain due to a relationship issue at home, there was a argument at home and i felt it’s better to die and cried a lot to parents. My mother cried too looking at me in such situation. My father says he don’t like men who cry and probably that’s why he shout’s at me when ever i have tears in eyes.

I don’t really understand why Crying is associated with women:
That makes me smile but deeply thinking, i know women are more inclined to express their pains to others or majority of women face sufferings compared to men. Women do cry when they are in deep pain. Agreed. These day’s we must also accept the truth that some women are stronger from inside. They are able to bear any pains they face and continue to lead life with confidence.

If all the women out there have only been crying, we won’t see the world we are in today. My mother named my Sister Indra as she was inspired my Indira Gandhi. My father named me Venkatraman as he wanted me to be scientist as Sir. C.V.Raman. Right from childhood, my only interest has been in escaping homework by chanting Gods name…he..he.. (My chanting continues till date and will for lifetime ) and hence God made my Sister to satisfy both the wishes of my parents.